Wood, Touch of nature



Wood, Touch of nature

Management message

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By relying on a working group that is accompanied by compassion, sincerity, motivation, love and honesty, we have been able to gain the trust of our employers, consultants and partners and to direct the conscious attention of the company’s management and employees to sustainable development and organizational excellence in order to remain strong. Motivated, reliable, and considerate, take steps towards the implementation of the company’s commitments, with good quality and reasonable cost at the right time.

Undoubtedly, the achievement of such valuable achievements is due to the consistent work and efforts of the dear ones who, during these years, with their knowledge, experience and commitment, in an environment full of various challenges and sanctions in the path of excellence and progress and the realization of the company’s strategic goals They have taken steps. We all rely on the great God and continue our efforts to serve the country and our dear compatriots, as before, and we believe that helping the growing and resilient economy of the country and implementing complex infrastructure projects, without empathy and cooperation. Sincerely between us is not possible and will not be.

Therefore, we believe that by focusing on the aforementioned important principles, we will continue to be among the prominent and leading companies in the country’s construction industry and the implementation of large construction projects, and we are ready to comply with scientific and engineering principles and standards and beyond. From that, we provide the possibility of providing and performing any consulting, investment or partnership services in order to meet the expectations and needs of employers and respected customers.

Medhat Wood Company has been operating in the field of importing plywood or plywood and all types of wood for almost 3 years and is currently considered the best and largest importer of plywood in the country. Medhat Wood company has been able to purchase high quality products of these four brands and provide them to its customers with many consultations with the best plywood producing companies such as seveza brand, adim company, Toro brand, Mwood, Smolensk DOK. Currently, Medhat Wood is the price reference for coated plywood in the country and supplies a huge part of the plywood required in the country.