Wood, Touch of nature



Wood, Touch of nature

Importer without intermediaries of plywood and all types of industrial and construction wood
Major importer of wood for various industries
Importer of coated and uncoated plywood

Medhat Wood collection

Since 2014, Medhat Wood Trading Group has officially imported all kinds of plywood (multilayered board), and different types of wood for different industries in different thicknesses and dimensions from Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Finland, and China. The company has been able to create a large warehouse of products to fully respond to the needs of dear contractors and artisans all over the country and through direct and unmediated imports from the world’s largest manufacturing brands, it has been able to provide the products with the best price and best quality to customers.

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This group has succeeded in obtaining sales representatives of the best Russian brands, including Sveza, the largest plywood producer in the world, and Smolensky Duck, one of the most high-quality brands in Russia. Among these products, we can mention coated and non-coated plywood for indoor and outdoor environments used in the construction industry. Also, Medhat Wood Trading Company has directly imported all kinds of H20 wooden beams, Chinese, Malaysian, Finnish, and Turkish plywood, and all kinds of industrial and construction wood used in building framing. All imported wood is used in the company’s products and therefore, in addition to the technical approval of the manufacturing company, it is approved by this company.

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Medhat Wood's global presence

Medhat Wood has been proud to cooperate with the largest domestic and foreign commercial companies. This has made him put quality and originality at the top of his work and fully satisfy his customers.

High quality

Medhat Wood Trading Group, as a sales representative of the world’s leading brands in the field of plywood, provides high quality products to customers.

Immediate delivery

One of the features of Medhat Wood is the immediate delivery of all types of plywood in any size and quantity as requested by customers.

Reasonable price

Medhat Wood Trading Group provides you with the best price due to the direct import of all types of plywood.

After sales service

Dear customers, we assure you in writing that if the products are defective, we will replace them as soon as possible.


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Sveza Plywood

The Russian Sveza company is one of the best plywood production brands in the world. Russia is well-known in the field of plywood due to its high-quality wood, and Sveza company is the most famous brand in Russia. This factory produces and markets its plywood in two fields, coated and uncoated, according to European standards and with the highest quality, this plywood consists of 3 to 13 layers depending on the thickness.

The area of Sveza factory is more than 7000 square miles and more than 7500 people are working in this company. Also, Sveza’s production capacity is 1.4 million cubic meters per year, and its products are exported to more than 80 countries in the world. Medhat Wood Trading Group is directly importing plywood in two fields, coated and uncoated plywood from this well-known and big company in the world. Uniformity of layers and no failure in them, using the right glue, and sealer are among the most important features of this company. Medhat Wood Trading Company has imported multilayered boards, coated and uncoated, from this great well-known company. 

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Toro plywood

Medhat Wood Trading Group has exclusively imported another type of plywood under the Toro brand from Adim company. Adim company is one of Turkey’s most famous brands in the field of plywood production and supply, which has succeeded in exporting this product to Middle East countries due to its high production capacity. Toro plywood, like Sveza plywood, is produced in two types, coated and uncoated. An important point in plywood is its sealing and production with Russian raw materials, which is considered one of the best raw materials in the world in this industry. Toro plywood, different from Sveza plywood, consists of  9 layers.