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Wood, Touch of nature

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Medhat Wood
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Medhat Wood
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H20 wooden beams are used as strong back straps to connect to plywood. The high quality of this type of wooden beams has caused H20 beams as suitable alternative to metal soldiers. H20 beams are produced in standard lengths of 1.4, 2.45, 2.9, 3.4, 3.8, etc. At present, due to their high quality and reasonable price compared to similar metal samples, these woods are used much more compared to the past. Also, these beams are much lighter than metal samples, which makes it easier for the workforce to work with and saves time. Medhat Trading Group has imported directly and without intermediaries all types of four-turn and two-turn timber boards, etc., directly from Russia. Quality High, suitable packaging, and excellent price are the main features of these products. H20 beams are wooden beams that are used in molding and concreting systems due to their high weight bearing properties. These beams are mostly used in bulking projects. Due to the low weight of this product, it can be used alongside other equipment like adjusting screws

, a jack and used as a soldier.

Main features:

Light and resistant; Saving time and labor costs; Heat and moisture resistance