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Industrial Wood

Industrial and construction wood is a type of processed wood, in other words, non-raw wood, which is used by combining wood with glue and chemicals for use in various cases. There are different types of these woods, each of which can be used according to what we expect from them.

All kinds of industrial wood

As we said, these woods have different types, each of which can be used in different cases in the industry, depending on their characteristics. In this section, we will learn more about the types of these woods.


Another type of construction wood, which is one of the most popular types, is plywood or plywood. Plywood has many uses, and you can see almost no area in the industry, especially construction, where plywood is not used. Applications such as molding, which require high-quality wood boards, can only be done with plywood. These boards, which start from a minimum of three layers, even up to 19 layers, can be obtained from large companies such as Medhat Wood.

Plywood features

As it is known from its other name, plywood is created by gluing several boards together, and for this reason, it has very good strength. Plywood itself is divided into several models, including flexi plywood, marine plywood, etc., all of which can be obtained from Medhat Wood Trading Group.

Chipboard MFC

Chipboard wood coated with melamine is known as MFC chipboard. This type of wood is produced from tree branches or wooden stems of plants such as eucalyptus, acacia, etc. Among the characteristics of these woods, we can mention high mechanical strength and having a wide surface. As you have probably seen, chipboard is made from wood chips; In fact, after the above-mentioned woods are turned into wood chips, they are turned into boards of different sizes and thicknesses with a special glue.

Features of chipboard

Among the characteristics of chipboard, we can mention the following: First, these boards are not smooth and polished, except with a cover, which, of course, remains non-flat around it. Second, the wood chips are clearly visible to the naked eye. Soma, this product has applications such as making tables, cabinets, etc., and its main use is in such cases.

MDF board

MDF is a kind of wooden products that are produced with medium density, if this concept can be understood from its full expression. MDF stands for Medium-density Fiberboard. MDF is made from tree branches and then goes to the mill and is mixed with a suitable percentage of special adhesives to form compact boards with different dimensions and thicknesses.

Features of MDF

If you look at MDF with the naked eye, you will see completely smooth and beautiful boards. Also, with newer technology than chipboard in its production, it has a much higher purchase value than chipboard. He mentioned this wood for applications such as use in the interior of the house (such as furniture), making first-class tables, beautiful cabinets, etc.

MDF is generally divided into three parts, which are:

Simple MDF: they are painted easily and without much effort.

Waterproof MDF: This MDF is used for outdoor use as well as wet environments.

Anti-slip MDF: This type of MDF is usually used to cover other products.

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