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Metal Structures

Metal structures were produced with the aim of providing solutions to the problems that contractors and builders may face if they are not used. A wide range of buildings around the world are metal structures, and due to the relatively simple and at the same time, very practical galvanizing process, which is used to protect these structures from damage, it has gained tremendous popularity. . Ensuring that high quality control standards are met at every stage requires trusting a company with experience and a familiar name in this field.

Increasing the strength of metal structures

Aluminum composite materials or ACMs are often used for exterior cladding or facades of buildings and insulation. Structures are used more optimally despite these aluminum materials. Higher flexibility, light weight, easy formability and easy processing, the possibility of making metal structures with increased strength and high durability are the advantages of using aluminum composite materials.

All kinds of metal structures

Metal structures are produced in different types and each of them, depending on their features and facilities, are suitable for a series of construction works.

Insulation panels

Insulated metal panels are light weight composite panels that are made with a metal coating and an inner core of insulating foam. Among the many advantages of these types of panels, we can point out the reasonable price against the efficiency and also help in the sustainable design of a building. Also, these insulation panels are available in many colors and because of this, designers can create a beautiful look on a budget.

Corrugated metal sheet

These corrugated metal sheets are extremely versatile and offer many options to architects. These metal sheets are produced with galvanized coating to remain healthy for a long time. Corrugated metal sheets can show more resistance and stability when installed as a roof. Among the advantages of these sheets, we can point out that they are fireproof and moistureproof and have low maintenance costs.

Medhat Wood, the supplier of the best types of plywood from the world’s most prestigious brands, such as Sousa, Smolensky Duck, etc., is a familiar name to trust. Cooperation with the most successful Iranian projects, such as Bushehr nuclear power plant, Asalouye refinery, etc., is an indication of the quality of our services.

If you are one of the builders and contractors, you have probably heard about metal structures. The existence of these structures is necessary in the construction process and prevents possible damages. In the following, we will examine the types of structures in Medhat Wood. Stay with us to get to know the most used ones.

Types of wood constructions

The production of this type of metal structures is a solution to solve construction problems, and not using them can have serious consequences for contractors. A wide variety of buildings around the world have been metal structures, and due to the relatively simple and yet very efficient galvanizing process, they have been able to achieve tremendous popularity.

Being sure of the control standards and their compliance at every stage requires trusting a company with experience and a well-known name in this area. The types of Medhat Wood structures are as follows:

Column format

It can be said that column formwork is one of the most widely used and most important types of metal structures. Column formatting is divided into several parts, each of which has its own use. Bazgani Medhat Wood Group is the supplier of all types of these molds with the best quality.

Various materials such as wood, plywood and metal sheets are used to make concrete columns. The use of any type of these templates is used for a specific project, as we will mention some of these column templates below.

Column modular form

This format can be considered the most widely used and general model in column formatting. Modular column mold is used in most small and large construction projects with various dimensions. These molds are designed to have high strength and resistance against all kinds of pressures.

Large panel metal column mold

The large panel format is used in necessary situations when it is necessary to finish the building work quickly and in the shortest time. These columns are designed in such a way that they can easily change the cross-section in various projects, and the size of these columns can be changed just by opening the billets and closing them in the built-in holes.

Header formatting

These types of molds are used to concretize the abutments of bridges. The headboard mold is made in the form of two arches, three arches, lotus, vase and is used according to the needs of the designed project.

Plywood top wall Hoppad mold with metal strap

The material of this mold is metal frame and its top is made of plywood and it is also made of metal straps. These molds are used for concreting columns with a cross section and have several attractive features, the most important of which is changing the size of the mold for use in different floors. This size change is to open connections. Some of the features of this carpet are as follows.

Connecting the templates by triangular nut and belt
The possibility of changing the dimensions for use in different projects
Creating an exposed concrete surface (concretes used for beauty and facades)
It is possible to replace the top of the hopad
simple design
Very light weight
Resistant cast iron fittings
Can be used on several floors
High execution speed
The need for minimum manpower
Few connections with a limited number
No use of unnecessary parts
Not requiring complete assembly at the installation site
Easy to move by tower crane
able connection to side panels
to be economical
The possibility of setting concrete pressure
Ability to adjust connections
Easy transportation
Compatibility with other plywood systems
Plywood top wall Hoppad mold with wooden back

Plywoods are an ideal material for concrete formwork. Plywood produces a smooth surface and can be used repeatedly. Plywood panels are laminated wood. They are connected to each other by glue and under pressure, so they are waterproof.

Some templates have a repetition factor of up to 20 times or more. Thinner molds can be easily bent for curved and arched forms. Plywood is light and easily separated from concrete, and after each stage of use it must be cleaned and lubricated to be ready for the next stage. Plywood molds with a wooden top are used to implement structures such as foundations, walls, columns and beams, and concrete slabs, and are divided into two groups based on that. For more information, you can contact the Medhat Wood business group, but some of the general features of this template are as follows:

Very high execution speed
H20 beams can be adjusted
The possibility of using safety equipment in a complete and simple way
High resistance to concrete lateral pressures
Ability to set the connection simply
Flexible and ergonomic design
No need for additional connections
Reducing the time of using the crane
flying table

Forming the flying table is one of the best and most economical systems used in concreting high and wide ceilings. This system is used in commercial complexes, hotels, bridge construction, high roofs, dome roofs, refineries, power plants due to high pressure tolerance of concrete and creation of exposed concrete surface. The flying table is made of coated plywood with a thickness of 18 mm, and some of its other features are as follows:

Low weight

The light weight of this flying table makes it efficient because if its weight is heavy, it is practically unusable and it is not rational to use it.

High stability

The next very important feature is the stability and strength of the flying table top. So that it can bear different weights of concrete with different dimensions and lift them to a height for installation.


The third feature is the flexibility of the flying table. This feature enables you to easily use this device when you need it, and if you need it, you don’t have any problems to transport it and use it in small environments.

The price and purchase of metal structure from Medhat Wood

The price list of metal structures depends on the daily price of its raw materials in the Iranian market, which is changing every day. Also, design and production based on special formats affect the final value of the product.

The main part that determines the price is the concrete metal mold and its weight, which is determined based on different lengths and widths. These molds are sold by the kilo, and the weight of the products manufactured by the companies is different from each other.

Therefore, each group sets a different price on its products. Medhat Wood Trading Group has succeeded in obtaining sales representation for these products from the best brands in Russia. Among these products, we can mention coated and uncoated plywood for indoor and outdoor environments, especially the construction industry.

Also, Medhat Wood has succeeded in directly importing Chinese, Malaysian, Dutch, Turkish H20 plywood beams and all kinds of industrial and construction wood used in building framing. This company fully meets the needs of dear contractors and craftsmen across the country.

This collection, under the shadow of direct import without intermediaries from the biggest manufacturing brands in the world, has been able to provide its products to customers at the most suitable price and with high quality. Therefore, if you intend to buy these types of products, just visit the Medhat Wood website and check the different models.

final word

Bazgani Medhat Wood Group is the main importer and supplier of metal structures in Iran, and a large part of consumers’ needs are met by this company. Medhat Wood Trading Company has been able to attract customers’ satisfaction with high quality and suitable raw materials.

In this article, we mentioned all the features and characteristics of Medhat Wood products and recounted the features of each one so that you can make an easy purchase and make a safe choice with this information. To know the price and buy these products for your projects, you can contact the experts of Medhat Wood collection.