Wood, Touch of nature



Wood, Touch of nature

Hexa Plywood

Call medhat wood


Coated with slip-resistant material with raised hexagonal pattern, Hexa is a 100% birch plywood solution for making floors in light commercial vehicles and other flooring applications where easy care and beautiful appearance are valued: warehouses, sports and play grounds, concert venues, and more.

Key features

  • 100% birch wood
  • High wear rating (Taber value = 300R–600R)
  • Slip resistance (R10)
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Choice of colors

Technical specifications


Standard sizes, length × width, mm (ft) 1500×3000/1525×3050 (5×10)

1220×2440/1250×2500 (4х8)

2440×1220/2500×1250 (8х4)

Thickness, mm 6 – 30
Surface Hexagonal pattern / smooth (H/F)
Wear rating (Taber value, EN 438-2:2016) 350R – 600R
Slip resistance rating (DIN 51130) R10
Coating color (density) Black (220 g/m2)

Light Grey (220 g/m2)

Stone Grey (174 g/m2)

Formaldehyde emission Е1
Glue WBP (Exterior)
Density, kg/m3 640 – 700
Moisture, % 5 – 12

Strength specifications

Static bending strength,  min MPa

along the outer layer grain


across the outer layer grain





Tensile strength along the grain, min MPa 30
Modulus of elasticity in static bending, min MPa


along the grain

across the grain





For more information about the price, after-sales service and how to buy plywood and all kinds of Medhat Wood products, you can contact our experts through the numbers below.

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